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How Much Does a Manaslu Expedition Cost

28th November 2022

Besides a great climb, there are other factors to consider when planning your Manaslu expedition. These include transportation, meals, and permits. So, it's important to know what to expect and prepare yourself for the trek. This will help you avoid costly mistakes.

Manaslu Climbing Prepare

Whether you are going to prepare for the Manaslu expedition or any other trek in Nepal, you need to take into account your medical background and physical fitness. You should also consider your insurance policy before you set off for this expedition. It is wise to buy an insurance policy from your home country.

Having strong cardiovascular fitness and strength endurance is important for your climb. It is also important to have strong ice and rock climbing skills. You will also need to have good cramponing skills. You should be able to carry a backpack for a week or more.

You should also be familiar with Manaslu's climbing equipment and route. It is not recommended to climb without a guide. You will also need to have a climbing permit from the Nepal Ministry of Tourism. This permit costs around $1,800 per person.

Manaslu Climbing difficulty

Unlike many other peaks, Manaslu is one of the toughest eight-thousanders. It requires a lot of experience, a solid base of strength, and the right equipment. It also has several dangers, including crevasses and avalanches.

The Himalayan Database lists 64 deaths in Manaslu. A majority of these deaths were due to avalanches. It is possible to climb Manaslu without using supplemental oxygen, but most climbers do use it.

Another common occurrence when climbing a high-altitude mountain is altitude sickness. Altitude sickness occurs because the body is not getting enough oxygen. It can result in shortness of breath, vomiting, nausea, and lack of appetite.

Other health-related altitude problems include falling through crevasses, which can cause life-threatening injuries. These problems are especially common on higher ridges. Symptoms include headache, shortness of breath, nausea, and insomnia.

Manaslu Climbing permits

Whether you are a professional climber or just an adventurer, you will need to have a climbing permit for your Manaslu expedition. This permit is issued by the Nepal Government and includes everything you need to climb the mountain, including insurance, a daily salary, a trekking permit, and a government liaison officer. The permit costs between $1800 and $2000 per person for 30 days.

In addition to a climbing permit, you will need to obtain a permit to enter the Manaslu Conservation Area. This permit costs $30 per person for foreigners and $10 per person for SAARC nationals. It is also necessary to obtain a permit to enter the Annapurna Conservation Area, which is the same price as the Manaslu permit.


Getting good food on your Manaslu expedition is important if you want to enjoy your trip. It is also a good way to enjoy the natural beauty of the region.

The food in Manaslu is usually fresh and nutritious. However, you should take care of the portion of fat and protein. The cost of food on the Manaslu expedition is usually covered by your travel agency.

The food that the Nepalese prepare is usually inspired by Tibetan and Nepalese cuisine. The menus will have a mix of local and western cuisines. In addition, you will find the traditional Tibetan soup, Thukpa, in Manaslu.

You can also try water-to-go, a small bottle that treats one liter of water in about 90 seconds. This helps keep your body hydrated and warm.


Expenses involved in planning a Manaslu expedition vary from person to person. Whether you are trekking alone or in a group, the cost will depend on the services you choose.

A Manaslu expedition requires a high level of technical skill and fitness. A qualified guide will ensure that you have a safe and comfortable trek. Licensed guides cost at least $25.

Depending on how many days you are planning to trek, you can expect to pay between $130 and $500 per day. This will cover your accommodation, entry permit, and guide fees. You can also get a multilingual guide to help you with language barriers.

You can reduce the cost of your Manaslu expedition by carrying a portable power bank. This will enable you to avoid the frequent use of electricity.

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