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Nepal Trekking

Trekking in Nepal is the most popular adventure activity among all kinds of adventures. The diversity in Nepal’s nature and a range of exotic cultures makes this country ideal for adventure trekking, hiking, and experiencing the unique Himalayan culture. Nepal trekking offers an opportunity to observe the local culture of the people and enjoy the beauty of nature undisturbed by the influence of modernity.

One can choose between group treks and independent ones and whether to stay in a tea house or camp, and each has its benefits. When trekking independently with just a guide for the company you are often able to reach more remote parts that are unequipped to deal with large numbers. However, in a group, you will also have the camaraderie that comes with being around other people and being able to share the same experiences with like-minded individuals.

Whatever trek you chose we will supply everything you need, except for personal items which can easily be acquired in Kathmandu if necessary. We supply whatever staff or materials you require – Guides, porters, cooks, tents, mattresses, food, water, etc, although on Independent treks be aware that you often only have one guide acting as a porter as well.

On an Independent trek, you still have the option of camping or staying in tea houses. It is a much more solitary affair but is well suited to people who are working to a specific timeline and need us to tailor-make an itinerary that makes the most out of their travel holidays.

Tea House Trekking (Lodge Trekking)

In Nepal, it is quite popular to stop each night to eat and sleep at a local tea house. Meals depend on the menu at the tea house, usually the simple basic meals of the local people, although there are sometimes other restaurants around. Although many tea houses and hotels in the hills and mountains are reasonably comfortable, standards can vary. The benefit of tea house trekking is that you will always have a warm and reasonably comfortable place to sleep and more importantly you will meet and experience the real life of the rural people.

Camping Trekking (Adventure Trek)

Camping treks are surprisingly luxurious. You are woken each morning when hot water and a hot drink are brought to your tent. All the trekking gear – sleeping tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, kitchen tents, cooking gear, and toilet tents – are provided, along with all necessary support staff. A Sirdar (chief guide) is employed to pre-arrange and then oversee the entire program. All land transportation, local permits, taxes, porter insurance, port dues, and entrance fees to National Parks or sites constituting an integral part of the trip are arranged. Depending on the area, provisions are based either on fresh local food or a combination of local and imported ingredients. Your only job is to enjoy yourself.

Nepal Trekking Mountain Adventures

Ever since Nepal first opened its borders to outsiders in the 1950s, this tiny mountain nation has had an irresistible mystical allure for travelers. Today, legions of trekkers are drawn to the Himalaya’s most iconic and accessible hiking, some of the world’s best, with rugged trails to Everest, the Annapurnas, and beyond. Nowhere else can you trek for days or even weeks in incredible mountain scenery, secure in the knowledge that a hot meal, cozy lodge, and warm slice of apple pie await you at the end of the day. Nepal is nirvana for mountain lovers. Other travelers are drawn here by the adrenaline rush of rafting down a roaring Nepali river or bungee jumping into a bottomless Himalayan gorge. Canyoning, peak climbing, kayaking, paragliding, and mountain biking all offer a rush against the backdrop of some of the world’s most dramatic landscapes.

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About Guided Nepal Trekking

Ever since hikers and backpackers were given access to Nepal and the Himalayas in the 1960s, it has been the ‘ultimate’ destination for trekkers and climbers around the world. Nepal offers several world-class hikes across its ruggedly beautiful terrain. Its diverse nature and the co-existence of a variety of cultures make this country ideal for treks and backpacking holidays.

All our Nepal trekking itineraries have been carefully planned by experienced trekkers and guides who themselves have walked numerous times along the planned routes. However, we can always design a personalized itinerary depending upon your interests and your expected length of stay in our beautiful Himalayan nation.

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