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Over the last decade, Sports Tourism has dominated the travel and tourism market as more and more adventure enthusiasts are seeking holidays that involve both travel and sports. The traditional ‘sun and sea’ vacations are now being steadily replaced by holidays involving adrenaline-pumping sports activities. At Peace Nepal Treks ℗ Ltd we offer different combinations of travel and sports adventures that will redefine your definition of a fun-filled holiday.

Besides Trekking and Peak Climbing we offer adventure activities such as Paragliding in Pokhara, Bungee Jumping, Canoeing, and White Water Rafting, Mountain Biking and Cycling tours, Everest Mountain Flight ( a lifetime experience), Everest Marathon race in the Himalayan region, Elephant Polo, Sky Diving in the Himalayas, and of course events like ‘The Everest Test”, a cricket match we successfully organized at Gorakshep (5,165m) in April 2009.

Everest Cricket World Record in 2009!

In April 2009 Peace Nepal Treks ran “The Everest Test” when we took a group of 50 people to Gorakshep for the highest ever game of cricket.

This was by far the biggest event we had ever organized and we take great pride in its success. The event raised around £100,000 for charity and was in the news around the world. See below for a short video of the event and the coverage it received.


White water river rafting in the Himalayan rivers of Nepal was introduced in Nepal only in the late 1960s. Until then, ferrying across the wild rivers in a dugout canoe was a ‘crazy’ thing to do for the Nepalese people. After two Frenchmen ran across the Sun Koshi river in 1968 two Americans, Teri and Cholis Beach, also descended parts of the wild rivers of Nepal. Realizing the commercial potential of white water rafting, Al Read started the first-ever commercial rafting agency in Nepal. The agency was named Himalayan River Expeditions and an experienced rafting guide, Mike Yagar was hired to manage the agency. Soon the agency hired more and more river guides and popularized the water sport in Nepal. By the early 1980s, Nepal had become the premium destination for river running.

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