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Top 10 reasons to visit Nepal

11th August 2015

The infrastructure that travelers need is in place, but tourism is down by over 50%, which means fewer crowds on the popular trekking routes and discounts for hotels and airfares. More importantly, the money you spend when hiring a guide or porter, staying in a lodge or hotel, or eating in a restaurant will directly help local people. Given that 500,000 Nepalis work directly in tourism, the country needs travelers more than ever to rebuild its economy and bounce back stronger for the future.

1. Is it safe to visit Nepal now?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to visit and travel around Nepal now. Airlines, international/domestic airports, highways/subways, communication, hotels, travel agencies, and hospitals are running smoothly at most of the trekking regions in Nepal.

2. Be part of Nepal’s rebuilding development

You can get a rare chance to be involved and be part of Nepal's rebuilding development at this time. By visiting Nepal, you will not only be contributing to creating employment and the economy but also help in the Nepal tourism industry.

3. Catch some of the best deals and holiday opportunity

Even in the midst of such times, Nepal travel industries will provide the best offer for the customers while we continue to strive in ensuring that all our clients have a memorable time with the continual progress in travel and tourism. We also cater to all kinds of hotels, tours, climbing, and trekking packages for all groups and ages.

4. Experience the four seasons in Nepal

You can get to see and experience snow and the best season to visit is during autumn from September to November and also during spring from March to May.

5. Be part of the history

This period is one of the crucial times in Nepal and you can be part of history by helping out wherever possible you can. The experience will certainly be more meaningful and memorable and benefit you when you look back in the future.

6. Not just economical support for earthquake relief

By visiting Nepal, you will indirectly help in our earthquake relief as you support our country economically but that is not all. You can even get to see the impact and where the money goes to if you get involved directly in the aid relief.

7. Visit before it is gone

Use this chance to visit the remaining historical and UNESCO heritage sites before it is gone.

8. Fewer visitors than before

The number of tourists has dropped more than before at this time. This means that it is a rare chance to get out there with the lesser crowd to squeeze or photobomb you. Cheers to more picture-perfect opportunities!

9. Volunteer and support for local people to have a better life

By volunteering, you get a chance to experience and also support the local people's lives while leaving behind a memorable moment in life.

10. Nepal is “that” once in a lifetime holiday experience

You will definitely be having a memorable and lifetime experience if you visit at this time.

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