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Six Reasons Why You MUST Trek!

23rd February 2017

Do you want to know the Six Reasons Why You MUST Trek! This article gives an idea of importance of trekking in Himalayas. Trekking Nepal is a journey on foot, mainly carried out in the remote mountainous regions for enjoyment and often inspiration. Trekking tests an individual’s physical endurance leads to unknown places helps to understand the mountain ecology and provides a chance to interact with mountain people. Trekking challenges your physical ability while engaging your mind to exploration. However, in difficult terrain, you need to remain alert and concentrate 100 percent on your path. There are several benefits of trekking and we mention the important ones below.

Get some Physical Exercise:

Trekking involves your whole body. It is a mild exercise but a constant one. You need a little bit of determination, healthy legs, and little endurance. In this age of mechanized transport, trekking provides that healthy dose of exercise you need. Physical exercise lets you clear your mind, and thus helping you to concentrate.

Bond with fellow trekkers:

Normally, no one wants to trek alone. While trekking you will come close with your fellow travelers whether they be friends, acquaintances, colleagues, or family members. As you trek, you will come close to each other, share your stories or simply explore together. This is a good way to strengthen your bonds and know each other well.

Enjoy wildlife:

We trek mostly on pristine quiet places, an ideal home for wild animals. Hence, according to seasons and trekking time, you will probably be seeing some wild animals and native birds. If you are going to places, where dangerous wild animals roam, take precautions and trek in groups.

Click Great Pictures:

Photographers go on great lengths to get perfect pictures. They need to discover places and scenes that others have not discovered and trekking provides that chance. However, this does not mean non- photographers cannot click their own pictures. In fact, most trekkers want to get photographs of the places they have been to and it is always nice to share those photographs in social media. This will help inspire others to embark on their own treks.

Experience unpolluted regions:

The city life with its hustle and bustle can be hectic. Moreover, most of the densely populated places are polluted and out of touch with the pristine environment. Trekking will surely transport your mind and body back to nature. Worries will lessen and you get time for reflection.

Get insight into remote lifestyle:

Trekking involves going to remote places. On your path, you will come across a few settlements. This provides you a chance to understand the hill people and their lifestyle. If you mix with hill people well, you will be learning about their food habits, festivals, cooking ways and special places near to your trekking route. By now, you have learned why trekking is important. So why not start your trek? We can help, just give us a call at 977-1-4250540 or mail us at

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