White Water Rafting
White water rafting in the Himalayan rivers of Nepal was introduced in Nepal only in the late 1960s. Until then, ferrying across the wild rivers in a dugout canoe was a ‘crazy’ thing to do for the Nepalese people. After two Frenchmen ran across the Sun Koshi river in 1968 two Americans , Teri and Cholis Beach, also also descended parts of the wild rivers of Nepal. Realizing the commercial potential of white water rafting, Al Read started the first ever commercial rafting agency in Nepal. The agency was named Himalayan River Expeditions and an experienced rafting guide, Mike Yagar was hired to manage the agency. Soon the agency hired more and more river guides and popularized the water sport in Nepal. By the early 1980s, Nepal had become the premium destination for river running.

Trip Options

At Peace Nepal Treks Pvt. Ltd, we offer different trip options for rafting enthusiasts. All you need to do is let us know if you want to travel for a longer or shorter duration. We will tailor make a trip that suits you best, regardless of your preferences. You could either choose a short trip and run leisurely across one of Nepal’s rivers or you could choose a longer trip with greater rapids and a greater dose of adrenaline.

Short Trips
Trishuli has been one of the easiest and most popular choice for white water rafting and about 2 days is required to explore this river. The Seti river is another destination that perfectly suits a short and easy trip and, if you have only a day’s time then Sun Koshi can be quite rewarding. However, if you have 2 days and you want to spend each minute of those 2 days in a wild raging river, the Bhote Koshi offers a challenging and thrilling rafting experience.

Medium Trips
Medium trips are best suited for rafting enthusiasts who want an exciting, multi day white water adventure. Both the Trishuli and Kali Gandaki rivers are fine destinations for river running and the Arun river is somewhat similar to these two rivers in terms of rapids.

For rafters looking for easier waters, the Kali Gandaki river offers both easy rafting and superb views. For a challenging trip, however, nothing compares to the magnificent Marsyangdi river that runs wild between the Himalayas of Nepal.

Long Trips
Should you choose to spend seven or more days in the wild waters of Nepal, we recommend the Tamur, Sun Koshi and Karnali rivers. All three of these rivers are classics offering remote villages and unparallelled scenery with the ultimate white water rafting experience.

The Sun Koshi river is popularly described as one of the ‘ten best rafting destinations in the world’. It is also the cheapest trip as the starting and ending points of this trip is located near to Kathmandu, thus saving transportation costs. The Karnali river surpasses the Sun Koshi in terms of rapids as well as grand canyons and rich wildlife. After a trip to Karnali, you always have the option of visiting the Bardia Wildlife Reserve, an area popular for its unspoiled wildlife.

If you want longer days around easier waters, we recommend the Seti, Bheri and Mahakali rivers. These destinations are remote, rich in natural beauty and remain pristine due to low number of visitors.


If you’d prefer to share this Peace Nepal holiday trip with your own group of friends, we’ve got good news, it’s also available as a Private Adventure!, Our Private Adventure specialists are on hand to give you a quote or talk through some different options.

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