Village Homestays in Nepal

Traveling to Nepal and looking for an unforgettable accommodation experience? During your holidays in Nepal stay in a rural village, live a unique experience and be treated as a local rather than as a guest.

At Peace Nepal Treks we do not see our customers as just clients, we see them as our friends, and as any friend would to another, we invite you to stay in our homes. Unlike other commercial “Local Homestay packages”, we offer a totally different experience, in a remote but beautiful Nepali village. Since there are no hotels or lodges in Thulo Parsel, we can only take two homestay guests at a time. During your stay with us you will first stay in our homes in Kathmandu and eat with our family before journeying to Thulo Parsel, a five-hour drive from Kathmandu into the hills.

To be a visitor in Thulo Parsel, where there are no hotels and lodges, is something special. Many of the villagers have never left the area, and like the “mountain people”, know only the life around them. Running water was only brought to the village in 1999 and electricity comes and goes, but we believe this is what true Nepali life is like and want our friends to see it as it is.

During your stay in the village, we will take you for two days on a local farm, where you can see how the Nepali people get their produce and live off the land. We think this will be both interesting and educational for our visitors. After that it is a final night back in Kathmandu and the option of another night at home or an evening on the town.

We believe we’re the only company offering this personal trip and a true insight into Nepali life. The trip is not at all luxurious, and suits travellers who are happy to rough it and want a true taste of how we live. Prices may vary depending on the time of year you plan to travel. We particularly recommend travelling during one of the festivals if you can, Dashain being a particularly exciting time.


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