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Peace Nepal Treks (p) Ltd offers many different kinds of services ranging from a private tour around Kathmandu, Nagarkot, Namobuddha, Dhulikhel, Pokhara, and Chitwan National Park to a day hike away from the city. You can choose the package that caters to your needs or even modify the places of attraction accordingly to your time here in Nepal.

Day hiking tours are perfect for those who want to experience a taste of hiking or trekking in rural areas of Nepal but yet are worried about the difficulties and higher altitudes or are short on time. Besides offering excellent panoramic mountain views along the way, it also provides deep insight on the history, religion, caste system, local lives and cultural experience as you encounter some traditional rural activities or the friendly locals working in the fields.

Kathmandu Valley is surrounded by numerous majestic peaks in the Himalayas such as Ganesh Himal, Langtang, Gauri Shanker, Manasalu and Dorje Lakpa, stretching from the Annapurna range in the far west to Mt. Everest in the east of Nepal. The mountain views can be seen clearly during autumn and winter from places like Chisapani, Shiva Puri, Nagarjun, Phulchoki, Champa Devi, Jhule, Nagarkot, Dhulikhel, and Balthali. The valley rim lies between 1800m to 2800m and during spring, Rhododendrons will start flowering along the routes.

For beginner trekkers or those with no experience, Kathmandu Valley offers some excellent short treks within a day which allows you to travel at a moderate pace and observe the rural communities while taking in the spectacular panoramas of nature and mountains. Ultimately, the objective of the hike does not lie entirely on the final destination but rather on the journey itself.

Apart from day hiking trips, we also offer sightseeing tour around the UNESCO world heritage sites with award-winning city tour guides and professors who will give you insight knowledge on Kathmandu’s historical and cultural wonders.

Below are some day hike packages and private tour for you to choose from. Please kindly let us know your preferred choice so that we can make the necessary arrangement for the guide, transportation, and accommodation to ensure you have a pleasant trip.


  • Day 1
    1 Day private day tour in Kathmandu

    Monkey Temple – Pashupatinath Temple – Boudhanath – Kathmandu Durbar Square – Patan Durbar Square – Bhaktapur Durbar Square

    The places suggested above are some of the main places to visit in Kathmandu and there are many other places to visit around Kathmandu too. This one day package gives you the flexibility tour around Kathmandu on any of your free days and also the places of the visit can be catered to your wish if you are short on time and stay overnight in hotel. You will be picked up from your hotel by our transport and a guide will be attached to you along the way. This is to ensure that your trip will be hassle-free while facilitating clearer communications with the locals. Lastly, it also allows you to further understand the history and cultural heritage with explanations from the guide so that you are able to fully appreciate them.

  • Day 2
    1 Day private day hike tour from Kathmandu – Nagarkot – Dhulikhel – Kathmandu

    Nagarkot lies in the northern part of Kathmandu, located about 32km away from the city. Nagarkot to Dhulikhel is one of the best places for a day hike and it is famous for the magnificent sunrise/sunset and Himalayan views. You will travel from your Kathmandu hotel to Nagarkot either via local bus or private vehicle together with our guide (it is entirely up to your choice). The hike to Dhulikhel takes about 6 hours and the journey back to Kathmandu is once again either via local bus or private vehicle (again up to your choice), overnight stay in your Kathmandu hotel.

  • Day 3
    1 Day private day hike tour from Kathmandu – Panauti – Namobuddha – Kathmandu

    Panauti is one of the historical cities in Nepal which is located 36km southeast of Kathmandu, given by King Bhupatindra Malla as dowry to his sister. One of the historical attractions is the Indreswor temple which is one of the largest and tallest pagoda style temples in Nepal. It is the oldest surviving temple in Nepal and it was originally built over a lingam in 1294. Distinct Nepalese wood-carving and architecture can be found in the roof struts of the temple. Pots and pans are hung in the upper section of the temple as part of the offerings from young married couples hoping for happy and prosperous family life. Unfortunately, the building is still waiting for restoration from the damage caused by an earthquake in 1998. Namobuddha is one of the famous Buddhist pilgrimages in Kathmandu located 40km away. It is believed to be the place where Lord Buddha had once offered his life to a starving Tigress and her cubs. You will depart from the Kathmandu hotel in the morning and travel to Panauti with our guide via local bus or private vehicle (it is entirely up to your choice). The hike will commence from Panauti to Namobuddha and it takes about 5 to 6 hours of walking. and after visit Namobuddha, we drive back to Kathmandu and stay in your hotel.

  • Day 4
    1 Day private day hike tour from Kathmandu – Nagarkot – Changunarayan temple and visit Bhaktapur durbar square – Kathmandu

    Nagarkot lies in the northern part of Kathmandu, located about 32km away from the city. You will depart from the hotel early in the morning to catch the sunrise at Nagarkot (~2000m sea level) as it offers one of the best views of sunrise/sunset with the Himalayas in the background. The Himalayas ranges that can be seen are Annapurna range, Manaslu range, Ganesh Himal range, Langtang region, and Everest region, etc. After seeing the Himalayas and sunrise, you will hike towards Changunarayan temple which is an ancient Hindu temple located on the high hilltop and is considered to be the oldest temple in Nepal. This shrine is dedicated to Lord Visnu and held in especial reverence by the Hindu people. After visit temple, we drive back to Kathmandu and stay a night.


Nepal has four climatic seasons

  • Spring : March – May
  • Summer: June – August
  • Autumn: September – November
  • Winter: December – February

While there are no seasonal constraints on traveling to Nepal, different regions are best visited in different seasons. Once you inquire about any trekking itinerary we’ll email you regarding the best season for that particular trek.