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We have an experienced team of guides, cook and other support staff who will endeavor to make your
holiday in Nepal, the most memorable time of your life. Our guides and support staff have grown up around the mountains and trekking is their passion and profession. Here is a brief of your trekking team:

nir lama
Nir Lama
Managing Director

Head of the company, Nir moved to Kathmandu from the village of Thulo Parsel in 1997 to work as a porter carrying loads of around 30kgs. He joined the same company his father worked for, who himself is a well respective chef in the mountains and had always encouraged Nir to learn about all the regions in Nepal.

He became a guide in 2000 before deciding to work independently and employ many of the friends and relatives who were also guiding on the mountains. He says: “I would like to provide work for the Nepali people and to show people from outside Nepal our beautiful country. I also want to make many friends as I can from all over the world.”

Nir is married with a young son and gives 25% of the company profits to educating the people of his village. He worked closely with the Lions Club Schoorl in Holland to build a school for the community that was completed in 2009

trekking guide
Bil Lama
Trekking Guide

Bil has spent most of his adult life in the mountains, visiting the Everest Base Camp and the surrounding region more than 30 times. Like Nir he began as a porter before becoming a guide and immediately joined Peace Nepal when it was formed.

A good speaker of English Bil is a typical Nepali in that he is shy and often needs coaxing into the conversation. The best way to do his is to either ask him about the mountains of ply him with Nepali beer!

trekking guide
Shambhu Lama
Trekking Guide

Yet another cousin, but this time from the maternal side, Shambu spends most of his time being mocked for the size of his tummy. He does, however, have a wealth of knowledge about the famous treks in Annapurna and the surrounding area which has come from in excess of 20 visits. He has lived in Kathmandu longer than most, from the age of eight, but waited until he had finished his studies before becoming a guide.

Pradash Prajapati
Trekking Guide

Originally from Bhaktapur Pradash (Prakash) began training as a guide in 2001 and began work with the Lyntalor Adventure Travel (Australian) as a porter and moved quickly onto guiding. He joined Peace Nepal Treks in 2005. He loves the challenging and Adventure treks and like Prem loves to camp. He has been to Annapurna Ghorepani more than 50 times, including 14 in 2007. Prakash has also visited India, Singapore, and Ireland thanks to his Irish friend.

Alan Curr

The man who adds the western touch to Peace Nepal Treks. From London Alan was heavily involved in organizing The Everest Test with Richard Kirtley and has visited Nepal four times to date. He works on a consultancy basis due to not having residency but is always available to answer questions any clients may have about what Nepal has to offer and will talk openly and honestly about the service he has received from Peace Nepal Treks on all the trips he has done.

Prem Lama
Trekking Guide

Another who has been guiding from a young age, Prem is another cousin of Nir’s and loves to camp. Mustang and Makalu, Dhaulagiri are his favorite regions, each he has visited more than 10 times. He loves challenging treks. He has had the same haircut since he was 18.

Dhanu Tamang
Head Cook

Dhanu comes from Thulo Parsel in Kavre and he specializes in European, Chinese, Korean and Nepalese delicacies. His English is average but his experience of 22 years makes him an asset during the trek.

Ratna Man Tamang
Climbing Guide

Ratna too comes from Thulo Parsel, Kavre. He is an expert climbing plus trekking guide and speaks English fluently. Ratna has over 12 years of experience in guiding peak climbing and trekking expeditions.

Maila Tamang
Trekking Guide/Cook

Born in Thulo Parsel, Kavre Maila is an experienced mountain guide and cook. Maila has spent over 18 years in in this field and English is also very well.

Tour guide
Chameli Tamang
Office Receptionist

Chameli works at our office account & tour guide female and is a hardworking and honest individual. She helps our guests in checking in to their hotels and is always ready to answer your queries. She takes our guest to visit around the city and hiking as guest services requested.

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